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stationary  training -
2022 calendar 

online training -
2022 calendar


      stationary training costs  350 euros

                        online training  30-40 euros

Training calendars, and financing

Our places  in 2022/23

Resources for training

How to finance the training? Of course, you can use private money, or ask your dean/manager for funding,

but you can also get a grant from the Erasmus Plus program - contact your international office / Erasmus coordinator / and ask about the procedure


November 21-25, 2022

'Digital Skills
and Teaching Effectiveness'
Limassol, Cyprus


  • you will gain confidence
                      in creating good presentations

  • you will be a better educator

October 17 – 21,  2022

'Techniques supporting teaching
and learning'

Madrid, Spain

  • you will practice methods
    of better teaching and learning

stationary  training -
2023 calendar 

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