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Audience: University staff (coordinators, employees of the dean's office, and librarians) and lecturers seeking to enhance their intercultural competencies and communication proficiency to enhance the effectiveness of internationalization processes.

Note: if you teach intercultural communication - this is not the training for you.

The course's primary objective is to elevate participants' cultural awareness and intercultural skills. In 2023 and 2024, we will emphasize a greater focus on immigrants from Ukraine and other conflict zones.
The overarching goal is to prepare participants to enhance internationalization processes at their institutions.

Scope of material at a glance: The training program is structured over five days, covering traditional theories and modern intercultural communication problems, as well as diversity and cultural awareness.

Audience: Teachers and lecturers looking to enhance their IT skills and integrate them into effective teaching.

Objective: Improve educators' digital skills and their integration with effective teaching principles. We welcome those who want to explore presentation programs and AI applications for work efficiency or skill enhancement.

Scope of material at a glance: good presentations, PowerPoint, Prezi, Canva, Wordwall, Quizizz, IT skills and effective teaching.

Audience: Teachers and lecturers who are seeking to improve their teaching skills.


The objective of the training: Throughout the course, teachers and lecturers will learn various teaching techniques and strategies, explore the role of memory and cognitive processes in learning, and gain practical insights into effective knowledge acquisition and teaching methods.


Scope of material at a glance: The training program is organized over five days, covering a range of topics related to teaching skills enhancement, such as the teaching process, various roles of teachers, types of knowledge and memory systems, and techniques for effective knowledge acquisition.


Workers employed at university administration or other educational institutions, as well as Erasmus coordinators and students’ office members, working on an internationalization process.

The classes are of a workshop nature - they are aimed at skills we need when dealing with the international exchange of pupils/students/ and are focused on faculty and administration's everyday work.

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