The training will be started at min. 10 participants. In case of an absence of an appropriate number of applicants, we return your money or postpone them to the next date.

The cost of a two-day training course - 50 euros (two meetings, 4 hours each).

Payment method -  bank transfer. We provide the data in response to your request by e-mail.

We issue appropriate bills and invoices.

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You will learn what market research is, where to get data from, what research method to choose, how to present the results (written report and presentation)   
* you will need a computer and a microphone

      t h e m a t i c   s c o p e

Part 1

✓ what do you need to do research professionally?

✓ what does it mean to use a research method?

✓ from idea to report - stages of research

✓ limitations in conducting research

✓ what do you want to research? a purpose of your study

✓ how to state a thesis or hypothesis?

Part 2

✓ questionnaire survey - rules for creating questionnaires

✓ how to prepare an online questionnaire*

✓ interviews*

✓ observation

✓ test and experiment

Part 3

✓ heuristic methods: brainstorming*, image tests, projection, and associative techniques

✓ desk and field research

✓ method of documentary analysis and content analysis

Part 4

✓ how to present the results - rules for preparing PowerPoint presentations, Prezi and others

✓ preparation of a written report



Basics of market research methods

workshop (two 4-hour meetings)

Online training - details 

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