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When is the training held? – on the  2nd  day of January, March, May, July, September, and November  (so, every second month).

The training will be started at min. 10 participants. In case of an absence of an appropriate number of applicants, we return the money or postpone them to the next date.

The cost of training  - 30 euros  (one meeting, 5 hours). Teams or ZOOM platforms.

Payment method - PayPal or bank transfer. We provide the data in response to your e-mail.

We issue appropriate bills and invoices.

       Questions? write to jo.hinker@gmail.com 

M n e m o     w o r k s h o p
 - How To Learn Faster And Remember More

Online training - details

calendar 2022

you'll find that your memory has no limits, you will learn the secrets of remembering – come to know your possibilities

t h e m a t i c   s c o p e

Part 1

The problem of everyday motivation and awareness (the story of a murderer)

Part 2

What does it mean to have a good memory? So about possibilities of our brain

✓ what is memory? ✓ types of memory ✓ concept of processing levels ✓ learning process ✓ types of knowledge

Part 3

Mechanisms of remembering and forgetting Why do we remember so little?

✓ coding (or remembering) ✓ learning curve ✓ extraction ✓ forgetfulness

Part 4

Techniques of faster learning and longer remembering

✓ technique of places* ✓ loop and association technique* ✓ elaboration technique* ✓ verbalization and imagination* ✓ producing technique ✓ action technique ✓ 'me' technique*

* - these techniques will be practiced by participants; you need a computer and a microphone

information in pdf