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When and where will the training be held in 2021-22? 

stationary training-  details 

                              Cyprus - Spain - Poland 

For a group of at least 5 people, individual dates and different places of training are possible

       If you need details - check the calendar or write to

Fee - 350 euro (5 days, 40 hours of classes) 

Payment method - PayPal or bank transfer. We provide the data in response to your e-mail.

We issue appropriate bills and invoices, as well as certificates of participation.

Trainer - academic teacher with diploma in language teaching

Outline of the content

Day 1
New pupils/students - how to introduce them to rights and obligations.
Questions and problems - what new pupils/students do not know?
Describing the place and route - how to help students in a new environment.

Day 2
Dormitory/boarding school - life of young people. Support for the administration in their everyday problems.
Small accidents and misfortunes - the basics of communication. What words and expressions do we need?

Day 3
Student classes - information on the timetable, the system functioning at the university/school (dean's office, e-journal). How to find a teacher / where do I have classes? - communication with pupils/students and visiting professors.

Day 4
University/school grading system vs. other universities - how to explain the rules to new students? Documents related to the student's stay at your place  - terminology needed.

Day 5
Communication with the partner school / university / parents. Rules for the exchange of e-mails with the administration, e-mails from students. Cultural differences.
     Bonus -
How to remember the information from the workshop longer - an outline of memory functioning.

Each day of the workshop includes the development of vocabulary, group work, and the drama method during exercises

- 5 days of classes / 40 hours - 

The classes are of a workshop nature - they are designed for people dealing with an international exchange of pupils/students and
are focused on administration everyday work

English for school and university administration

 - workshop

The training aims to improve the English communication skills of workers employed at the university administration or other educational institutions

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