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the training meets the Erasmus Plus program requirements- 
we offer 5 days and 40 hours of classes

stationary training-  details 


Trainings are held in Poland, Cyprus, and Spain - please check the calendar. 

For a group of at least 5 people, individual dates and different places of training are possible                                         

If you need details - write to

The fee  350 euro /   5 days and 40 hours.

Payment method - PayPal or bank transfer. We provide the data in response to your e-mail.

We issue appropriate bills and invoices, as well as a certificate of attendance.

Program outline


Day 1

Rules for creating a presentation - what do you need to prepare before you sit at the computer? Slide functions, text and expression functions in presentations; 4 presentation layers - what does the audience need? PowerPoint - functionalities - how to find a presentation template? Insertion of text, shapes, drawings, images, sound, and animations; transitions between slides; standard and custom presentation shows. Preparation of the project of own presentations in pp.


Day 2

Prezi - how to go beyond the presentation scheme - how to choose a design and what next? Inserting text, image, sound; presenting own presentations in Prezi.


Day 3

Teaching effectiveness - are the skills sufficient?  Memory - the concept of processing levels. memory systems. The effectiveness of teaching - determinants.


Day 4

Teaching effectiveness - are the skills sufficient? storing, extracting, and forgetting knowledge; checking memory - the role of the teacher/lecturer. How to lead my students to be effective; how to support the learning of pupils/students?


Day 5

Preparation and presentation of own projects. How to integrate its techniques with effective teaching? - summary of the training.

In the first part, we will teach how to create good presentations in PP and Prezi.

In the second part, we will show how to integrate IT techniques with effective teaching.


In total, the training covers
5 days / 40 hours of classes. 

Own laptop with PowerPoint is required. 
Basic English (at least A2) is required as well.

Audience - teachers/lecturers who want to improve their IT skills and integrate them with effective teaching


We want to give educators an opportunity to improve their digital skills, but also to integrate these skills with the principles of effective teaching.

We invite people who have not had the opportunity to get to know PowerPoint and Prezi better or want to improve their skills.

Digital Skills and Teaching Effectiveness - 

PowerPoint and Prezi for educators

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